executives consultants incorporated


ECI utilizes sound business practices to assess client needs, develop program solutions and execute member services within the resources, both human and financial, of the organization. By optimizing staff, the association can redirect volunteer and financial resources to other needs for more effective program operations.



ECI believes virtually any task can be accomplished. For many projects, money often compresses time by providing added resources. ECI identifies opportunities, breaks them down into manageable tasks, and develops solutions to address member and organizational needs. That process is what ECI calls leadership.



ECI realizes that the true value of any volunteer organization is the knowledge and energy of the members, themselves. Although ECI manages the administrative operations to assure that the proper resources are applied to the development of an organization, it is the members who make the decisions on program policy and emphasis.

Management Services

ECI provides a full range of executive management services for a variety of association programs from in-house bookkeeping to specialized government liaison programs. The following is a list of selected services being provided to in-house clients on an on-going basis. Specialized industry programs can also be provided on a custom design basis.
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  • Governance & Program Development
    • Board of Directors Support
    • Committee Support
    • Financial Management & Bookkeeping
  • Government Liaison
    • Federal & State Regulatory Monitoring
    • Legislative Monitoring
    • Washington Representation
    • Legal & Tax Review
  • Industry Certification
    • Standards Development
    • Qualification Process Development
    • Program Deployment & Monitoring
  • Meeting Exhibits & Trade Shows
    • Facility Contracts
    • Decorator/Drayage Engagement
    • Exhibit Sales
    • On-site Set-up and Management
  • Member Communications
    • Newsletters & Periodicals
    • Social Media Communications
    • Website Development & Management
    • Podcast/Videocast Development & Deployment
  • Membership Recruitment & Management
    • Prospect Pool Assessment
    • Marketing & Promotion
    • Database Development & Management
  • On-line Webinars
    • Program Market assessment
    • Speaker recruitment
    • Event Promotion
    • Technical Setup & Management
  • Publications Development & Sales
    • Editorial Review
    • Pre-press Production
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Order Fulfillment
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Assessment
    • Association Resource Auditâ„¢
    • Strategic Program Assessment
    • Long-Range Planning Facilitation
  • Symposia & Conventions Management
    • Site Contracts
    • Event Planning
    • Speaker Recruitment
    • Marketing/Promotion
    • Onsite Management
  • Workshops, Seminars & Short Courses
    • Site Contracts
    • Event Planning
    • Speaker Recruitment
    • Marketing/Promotion
    • Onsite Management