executives consultants incorporated

About Executives Consultants Incorporated

Executives Consultants Incorporated (ECI) is a multiple association management company founded in 1965. Our specialty is providing executive management and program services to trade associations, professional societies, and non-profit foundations. By sharing our office facilities and the expertise of our experienced management staff among several organizations, ECI offers associations the opportunity to access greater resources for the time you need them without creating an ongoing overhead burden when you don’t need them. ECI has been developing and managing administrative operations for non-profit organizations for 50 years involving 3 generations of managers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help non-profit organization leaders optimize their resources to allow their associations and foundations to be as successful as possible.

ECI Facilities

ECI is located midway between the east and west coasts with its headquarters in Shallowater, Texas.  Satellite offices are also operated in Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL and Fort Collins, CO. ECI facilities are well equipped, and its staff is fully trained and completely experienced in every facet of association programming needed to get your organization moving in the right direction.

Management Experience

As non-profit managers, the ECI staff has participated in many managerial systems from Management By Objective (MBO) to a crisis intervention. Our president is a second generation association manager with over 40 years as a Chief Operating Officer for non-profit organizations. The administrative staff is also seasoned in non-profit management. Our combined staff experience spans over 150 man years.

Examples of the types of programs ECI has managed include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Certification and accreditation programs
  • Database and information services development
  • Directory and reference book publishing
  • Educational materials and textbook development
  • Educational meetings and symposia planning and execution
  • Financial planning and cash flow investment programs
  • Legislative and regulatory agency representation
  • Magazine, journal and newsletter publishing
  • Membership sales and marketing
  • Non-dues revenue programming
  • Public information and public relations programs
  • Publications marketing and fulfillment
  • Technical book publishing
  • Trade shows and exhibits

ECI's breadth of managerial experience is available to Association clients for whatever challenges they may face.

People Orientation

ECI realizes that the true value of any volunteer organization is the knowledge and energy of the members, themselves. Although ECI manages the administrative operations to assure that the proper resources are applied to the development of an organization, it is the members who make the decisions on program policy and emphasis.

In order to most effectively utilize volunteer talents and encourage volunteer participation, ECI believes that staff's function is to:

  • identify problems and opportunities,
  • organize the research on issues,
  • efficiently administer program support, and
  • provide full recognition of volunteer efforts.

The volunteers should get the credit for program successes. This is handled through ongoing PR that keeps the members and media informed of the Association's activities.

Previous Experience in Successful Management of Voluntary Organizations

ECI has a long history of successful association management. We have learned that by clearly defining organizational objectives and focusing on their accomplishment through the use of standard business practices, we can help almost any organization grow and prosper. Among a few of our successes have been:

  • American Society of Consulting Planners
  • American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Associated Landscape Contractors of America
  • Building Service Contractors Association
  • Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards
  • Garden Writers Association
  • Garden Writers Association Foundation
  • Home Economists in Business
  • Industrial Designers Society of America
  • International Microwave Power Institute
  • International Military Club Managers Association
  • International Ozone Society
  • International Society for Vaccines
  • Landscape Architecture Foundation
  • Mobile Industrial Caterers Association
  • Mulch & Soil Council
  • Mulch & Soil Research Foundation
  • National Arborist Association
  • Portable Sanitation Association
  • Progressive Gardening Trade Association
  • and others who, under ECI management, recovered from financial or program misfortunes and re-established themselves as successful, independent, self-managed operations or continue to grow and prosper under in-house management by ECI.

Leadership Ability

ECI's management believes that virtually any task can be accomplished. For many projects, money often compresses time by providing added resources. However, good leadership can overcome the lack of money by using resourceful approaches to accomplish the same goals.

ECI uses its unique ability to identify problems and opportunities, break them down into small, manageable tasks, and develop solutions within the human and financial resources of the Association to address member and organizational needs. That process is what ECI calls leadership.

The Association must not wait until a crisis is eminent before it acts. Within any membership there is always a wealth of information and intelligence that can be harnessed for productive use. To that end, a good listener can hear problems brewing and opportunities rising before the time to act has past.

Key Personnel